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What Is Desi Nuskhe?

No matter how well or unwell we are, visiting a doctor is always one dreadful feeling we don’t want to experience. Isn’t it? And when it comes to the common diseases occurring to almost everyone due to seasonal changes or other, we tend to take care of it on ourselves with some age old remedies practiced at our homes.

In a world where number of health problems are increasing faster than the gross domestic income of countries combined together, more than half of which are commonly occurring diseases and can be cured without losing on to hefty banknotes on medical treatments by following the home remedies (gharelu nuskhe) applied and tested by our grandparents and elders.

While our elders have all the remedies for most of these communicable or easy to catch diseases which they, themselves have adapted and learned from their ancestors, here we have some easy and effective remedies right your grandparents must have recommended you once in a while. Let us dig at some of those gharelu nuskhe our oldies talk about:

Dadima ke Gharelu Nuskhe

Curse Cold & Cough: The Ultimate Gharelu Upay

According to a survey, an adult experiences minimum two to three episodes of cold and flu in a year on an average. This is one of the easiest to catch and one of the most common reasons people visit doctor for. But there are some home remedies to cure the disease. Whenever a family member gets affected with flu, you usually give them a glass of warm turmeric milk, herbal tea with ginger, tulsi leaves, black pepper and mixed herbs for faster recovery.Saltwater gargles, honey, licorice, etc. too are some remedies you can adapt at home for speedy recovery.

Desi Nuskhe To Lose Weight Naturally

The discussions and debates on weight management can be heard all around. But do you think any medicine is safe to cut down that stubborn fat you have added to your body? It might or might not be that effective in losing those inches or kilos but the side effects from the same is guaranteed.

So here’s what the oldies say. Eating green leafy vegetables and eating at the right time can help balance your diet that in turn helps in managing weight. Other than that, having lukewarm water is an amazing way to lose a few inches without much efforts. You can even start your day with a glass or two of warm water with lemon and honey. This, along with a regular routine of exercise, at home or gym will do wonders for losing weight.

Pimples, Acne And Freckles

If you feel something popping up on your skin or pores, you don’t have to directly rush to a doctor. Women, please pay attention. We know you love your skin but that doesn’t mean you’ll be scared at the sight of that one pimple at the corner of the skin. Trust your elders and adapt some home remedies (desi nuskhe), it might turn out to have amazing results on you!

Applying a generous amount of Aloe Vera gel, preferably from the leaf itself daily can not only help remove pigmentation or tanning but also remove the acne, scars and skin pores. Alternatively, using tomato peals on your skin can help rejuvenate the skin making it soft and shiny.

There are endless problems we face on a regular basis which can be cured with some gharelu nuskhe, or home remedies in the most natural ways without any harmful effects!

That’s it for the day. We’ll be back soon with some more amazing facts and desi nuskhe in Hindi to help you find the cure of the disease that can be treated without consulting a doctor. Let us know what your grandparents suggest you when having flu, fever or other commonly occurring problems.

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