What Is Ayurveda & Ayurvedic Nuskhe

One of the most ancient and natural healing systems found in India which continues to be one of the best and effective methods in the modern world. It’s an art, a science; a science of life and offers natural healing processes without any side effects by realizing the human body potential.

Many traditional medicinal methods have their roots from Ayurveda and is being practiced in various parts of the world. Ayurvedic treatment, or ayurvedic upchar, is one of the most sought after treatments designed to balance the physical body that is in harmony with the cycle of nature while giving us an overtness of mindset to remove unprolific thoughts.

Ayurvedic Upchar and Your Life Energy

The power of ayurvedic upchar has given magical benefits to human body proven over centuries of use. Even today, many diseases can be cured with ayurvedic treatment due to its holistic approach to harmonies the human body comprising of mind, body and soul with its relative environment.

Ayurveda identifies three fundamental energies governing our external and internal environment, referred as ‘Tri-Dosha’or body type. These include:

  • Vata (Air)
  • Pitta (Fire)
  • Kapha (Earth-water)

It is believed that our body is made up of these three energies, each body having different proportions of these three doshas or principle energies. The combination Tri-Dosha makes ten unique mind-body types.

According to Ayurveda, your body type is based on what you eat, how you exercise, your sleeping pattern and your choice of place to live. Once your unique blueprint is defined, Ayurveda defines protocols to align your internal nature with the cycles of nature. When something disturbs this balance, you fall sick. These disturbances might be due to genetic of birth defects, climate changes, injuries, seasonal changes, age, emotional conflicts and the like.

While each one of us is a mixture of these doshas in different proportions, one of them is usually stronger than others. Each of these three doshas controls different functions of the body. So your chances of falling sick and the health problems you develop depends upon the balance of the three governing principles. You can also study Ayurveda in Hindi on our website for a detailed study on the Ayurvedic Nuskhe and the protocols of the same.

Ayurveda In Hindi Tips And Treatments

There are millions of health websites on the internet that tell you about Ayurvedic treatments in Hindi and English languages, but we bet you will not find even one of them trusted and reliable like Desi Nuskhe.

Our website Desi Nuskhe is currently the most trusted source of information in India about Ayurveda in Hindi home remedies, tips and ideas. We always try to provide you maximum information on how Ayurveda in Hindi home remedies work to treat health disorders.

Not just about home remedies that work, we also tell you about home remedies that fail to work and should not be practiced at all. They are just a wastage of time and money.

Types of Ayurvedic Medicine In Hindi

Ayurvedic medicine and treatments are used to treat multiple diseases from the basic digestive problems to heart issues to depression to cancer to infertility and so on. According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Ayurvedic medicine helps in treating inflammatory, digestive, hormonal and autoimmune diseases.

The ancient healing system focusses on the use of herbs, practices, methodologies and recommendations as yoga and meditation to cure various diseases accordingly.

Ancient practitioners work along a well-balanced healthy diet, changes in lifestyle, stress-relieving activities and different herbal remedies to bring the body back in balance. The treatment, however is decided upon the unique physical and body makeup you have, your primary force of life, and the balance of the three elementary doshas.

The primary motive of Ayurvedic upchar or treatment is to detox your body and remove all the toxins that may cause sickness if left in your body. This process of cleansing is known as ‘panchakarma’, the process of reducing your symptoms while keeping your body in sync with the nature. This is done with the help of purifying the blood with the help of herbal oils, medicines, massages, enemas or laxatives.

Ayurveda works on certain principles and logistics. This includes the five basic elements of nature and the three physio-biological properties (tridosha). It is believed that since the human body and the nature are based upon the five basic elements, any substance and part derived from or belonging to nature has the complete potential to be a medicine. A balanced state of the mind, body and the larger nature cycle is the crux of the therapeutics in Ayurveda.


Although, there seems no license or standard body for ayurvedic treatments, the magical benefits of the ancient method make it one of the most sophisticated and popular healing systems used by practitioners around the world.

To know more about ayurvedic medicine in Hindi and ayurvedic nuskhe for the ideal treatment for your body,watch out for our other blogs and start adapting those changes in your lifestyle.

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