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Weight Loss Tips In Hindi

Obesity is a common problem found in people all over the world. In India, where maximum number of working class are in a desk-job with minimum physical work while students no longer go out to play with the popularity of virtual games, obesity has become one common concern for almost everyone.

Obesity not just leads to excessive weight gain but also has further implications like heart diseases, diabetes, depression, blood pressure, etc on the patient due to a weak digestive system and low immune.And while internet is full of diets and exercise patterns to lose weight, most of them prove to be false. But do not worry. We will provide you with effective weight loss tips in Hindi (pet kam karne ke upay) which will help you reduce the numbers on the weighing machine and boost confidence.

Here are a few to start your weight loss program at home:

Tips To Cut Down Fat (Motapa Kam Karne Ke Upay)

Watch Out For Your Water Intake

Water is involved in most of our body functioning processes, even metabolism! If you aren’t hydrated enough, your metabolism process slows down. The result of which you can see around your belly and other parts of the body. So to make sure your metabolism is functioning right, have adequate water, preferably 5-7 liters a day diligently if you don’t want fat to cover your body!

Plan Your Meals

This is the most important tip to burn fat faster, especially for the belly (pet kam karne ke upay) so be very attentive to this. You cannot escape going out of your house, but you can skip eating junk or just anything to fill your stomach. So be prepared for the day beforehand, plan your meals right. Eat healthy, include all vegetables and protein-rich food to speed up your weight loss program. If you can’t focus on eating right, don’t dream of having a fat-free body. Good body comes with a good number of pains but the result is worth the effort. So eat right!

Make Black Coffee And Green Tea Your Tipple

Green tea and black coffee (of course, without sugar!) has been in the books of most of the dieters these days and you know why. Consuming a cup of these bitter-tasting refreshments helps stimulate fat oxidization and increase fat metabolism. This is said to be done with the catechen polyphenols, which is absent in black tea. That is why we strongly recommend on including a cup of black coffee and green tea to fasten the process of losing those extra kilos and inches down the waist. So raise a warm cup every day to lose weight more effectively.

Reducing Fat Around The Belly (Pet Kam Karne Ke Upay)

Obesity is one of the most common topics of discussions going around the corners. And with the increased work stress, competitiveness in the industry, inactivity and longer hours of sitting in one position, the struggle seems all the more obvious! Belly seems the most affected region due to this lifestyle.

Exercises like crunches, running, cycling, high knees, donkey kicks, dynamic planks etc help reduce fat round your belly. Cutting down carbs as well as sugar and replacing the same with roughage, fiber, protein and good fat aggravates the weight loss process for your belly.

Dieting or exercising alone will not help you lose weight, both of these need to go hand in hand. Avoiding junk or fattening foods and replacing it with a healthy diet rich in all the essential nutrients is important if you truly want to lose weight. Balancing your diet with a daily ritual of exercising for at least 30-45 minutes daily along with a good sleep of about 6-8 hours will give you visible results within first few weeks, if followed diligently.

Best Articles and Blogs on Weight Loss in Hindi

You will find hundreds of articles on weight loss in English language but there are very few websites in Hindi that publish articles related to weight loss (motapa kam karne ke upay). Desi Nuskhe carefully selects best blogs and articles to educate, inspire and empower our readers with high-quality information (and updates on weight loss (pet kam karne ke upay).

The weight loss (motapa kam karne ke upay) articles in the Hindi language we publish help you tailor meal plans. They improve your overall eating style and personality.  You have also access to some renowned dietitians in India, who will inform you about most useful remedies to lose weight.  Our articles and blogs encourage you to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

These were some insightful tips to shed off kilos faster. Check our other blogs to know more about weight reduction techniques (Motapa Kam Karne Ke Upay)and weight loss tips in Hindi.

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